Alperton people oppose Minavil House tower plans

This is the post excerpt.

On 24 May 2017, the Brent Council Planning Committee approved plans for the construction of a massive building on the Minavil House site in central Alperton. This approval flies in the face of objections from many Alperton residents and local businesses.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the excessive height of the building, the land use, scale and design, quality of accommodation, impact on canal and transportation. At 26 storeys, the proposed tower would be the tallest building, by far, in the area.

26-storey skyscraper plan in Alperton

During the public consultation, this design has been described as “monstrous”, “excessive” and “unsuitable” for the needs of local businesses at Wharfside and the wider neighbourhood. Going ahead with this tower, in violation of the original Alperton masterplan, would set an unwelcome precedent in Brent.

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