Alperton Councillor James Allie Replaced

Councillor James Allie, who represented the Alperton ward in the Borough of Brent, has resigned on 9 December 2019.

James Allie pic  James Allie (Labour)

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Mr Allie plundered the £1.6m estate of a dead women. As a solicitor, he was appointed executor of the woman’s estate, but stole funds for his own purposes.  Link: Labour councillor plundered… (Daily Mail)

Previously, James Allie had come under scrutiny over his role in a vintage wine business used to defraud investors. Templar Vintners Ltd attracted £100,000 from its victims, offering them the chance to buy wine while it was still in the barrel. James Allie was made company secretary in June, 2009.

The founder of the business was jailed for fraud. Despite his association with a fraudulent business, Mr Allie was allowed to continue in public office representing the Labour party in the council.

James Allie’s resignation creates a council vacancy. A by-election is planned for 23 January 2020 giving Alperton residents a chance to bring fresh blood into the council chamber.

Alperton councllr

Addendum: on 23 January 2020, Anton Georgiou (Liberal Democrats) swept to victory in the by-election with 1,699 votes defeating the Labour, Conservative and Green Party candidates.


Message from Peter Mahoney, R55

I am the CEO of R55 and much of what is published about us on your site or our intentions is wholly incorrect.

Whilst the residential elements of Minavil House have been sold to Clarion, the reason for this is that it has allowed us to deliver unprecedented levels of affordable housing which as a private developer we cannot do. Minavil House has 92% affordable housing, probably one of the highest levels in West London. R55 retains all of the commercial space except the Lidl store. We are proposing a triple height cafe with an open terrace which opens out onto the canal side with seating and landscaping pouring out onto the canal. The work space will provide approximately 30 small workspaces for local businesses with a particular focus on those in the creative arts. I have been involved with this project since it’s start and would be happy to discuss the plans with your group rather than you publish untruths or present our company in a bad way. The delivery of Minavil House and our other project the Rise has and will improve the quality of the neighbourhood and amenities on offer for the benefit of everybody.

Peter Mahoney, CEO of R55

What about Air Quality?

In its 2017-2022 action plan, Brent Council acknowledged the impact of poor air quality on health and the need for action to reduce or eliminate air pollution. In previous years, Brent has consistently failed to meet national air quality targets for two key pollutants, Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter (PM10). It is estimated that 200 premature deaths occur in Brent each year due to poor air quality. The council officials have accepted that air quality in Brent is poor and recognise that significant intervention is required to improve local air quality for all.

There are no air quality monitoring stations located in central Alperton. The nearest monitoring station is at Hanger Lane gyratory, operated by Ealing Council. Real-time air quality data is published on the London Air website thanks to a research initiative by King’s College, London.

London Air – Brent Council air monitors (Link)

London Air – Ealing Council air monitors (Link)

In Alperton, there are two Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) diffusion tubes located along Ealing Road. The first (ID #7) is at the corner of Bridgewater Road and Ealing Road, and the second (ID #54) is at the corner of Ealing Road and Riverside Gardens.

Alperton NOx Diffusion Tubes
NOx diffusion tube locations in Alperton

Unfortunately, it appears Brent has not published any data from these diffusion tubes on the council website since 2016. It is absolutely critical for this emission data to be published on a regular basis.

Brent Council Air Quality website (Link)

What can I do at a personal level? Use “smarter travel”. This means cycling, walking or using public transport where it is more effective. London has many resources to help people use these smart methods of getting around. Using less-polluting transport is not just about being more environmentally responsible, it is often cheaper and faster too.

When upgrading to a new car, utilize low emission car technologies, including vehicles that run on hydrogen or electricity. Many of these are being trialled in London. Better still, don’t buy a car at all and join a local car club.

Brent’s Tallest Tower is due to rise

According to a recent article in the Brent & Kilburn Times, work is due to start at the Minavil House site in central Alperton. Local residents and workers are interviewed and expressing their concerns about the controversial scheme put forward by developers R55. “People living and working near Minavil House questioned the area’s need for a 27-storey high-rise at a time when public services are stretched.”

Construction soon to begin on Brent’s tallest tower in Alperton [Link]

‘Immoral’ Housing Group Clarion to operate Minavil House

The Minavil site has been acquired by Clarion Housing Group for £109 million from R55. Clarion has been described as ‘immoral’ after residents on the Ranwell West estate in East London were presented with bills for repairs of up to £32,000 each by Clarion. A group of homeowners from the estate is taking legal action against Clarion to fight excessive bills and maintenance charges.

Angry residents hit by £2m bill for repairs by ‘immoral’ housing group [London Evening Standard]

Unbelievably, Clarion received £8m in grant funding for the controversial development from the Greater London Authority. Increasingly desperate to meet targets for so-called affordable housing, Mayor Sadiq Khan and his Deputy Mayor James Murray are apparently willing to hand over suitcases of taxpayers’ money to the developers. In previous years, Clarion has been repeatedly in the spotlight for outlandish pay levels for its executive team.

A Greener Alperton

With growing concerns for air quality in Alperton, locals welcome any effort to expand the green spaces in the area. This attempt, however, is not exactly what is needed:

Minavil Green 3This lovely green fencing has  been erected around the Minavil House site in December. No other work has taken place at all. The developers, R55, are keeping everyone in the dark. Locals are asking; what is the status of the skyscraper plan?

Minavil Green1

Instead of a green fence, locals would welcome a real green space with trees to improve the air quality in central Alperton.

Brent Councillors enjoy Property Developers’ Hospitality

Information has come to light showing the close relationship between certain Brent Councillors and property development firms active in the area. The explosive information is the result of freedom of information requests by local campaigners.

On 9 May 2017, Councillor Muhammed Butt and several other councillors enjoyed the hospitality of Terrapin Communications, a PR company representing the interests of various property developers including R55, the company behind the Minavil Tower scheme. The councillors enjoyed a free 3-course meal while meeting with the developers from the construction industry. The stated purpose of the hospitality was “to engage and enable developers to better understand the Borough and our aspirations” for social housing and quality of design. More to the point, however, the developers clearly hoped to influence key decision makers of the Council.

Exactly why R55 feels the need to be represented by a “Public Relations” company like Terrapin Communications is unclear. It is interesting to note that some senior staff at Terrapin have previously worked at Bell Pottinger, the disgraced PR firm which has gone into administration this year following a scandal in South Africa.

Furthermore, it has emerged that Councillor Butt, the leader of Brent Council, has met with R55 staff on three separate occasions in the weeks before the critical planning meeting on 24 May 2017, where R55’s application was approved. One of those meetings took place on the day immediately before the decision.

Why did Councillor Butt meet with R55 staff?

What was discussed in those meetings between Cllr. Butt and R55? Unfortunately we will never know because no notes or minutes were taken. This is despite guidelines from the Local Government Association (LGA) which recommends the keeping of notes to ensure transparency.

In light of this information, the crucial question is whether the Council leader directed the members of the Planning Committee to cast their votes in favour of R55’s application (16/2629). If so this would cast doubt on the integrity of the Minavil  House decision and the Council’s planning process more widely.

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Pantomime Villains

Demolition of the old Minavil House is due to start in November. Local residents and business people are braced to live and work next to a massive building site for the coming two years which will see the rise of Brent’s tallest building. The new high-rise ghetto will spoil the Alperton skyline for decades to come.

So, who is responsible for this dire state of affairs? As pantomime season approaches we have identified a number of candidates in the piece.

  • Councillor Muhammed Butt, the leader of Brent Council, who is ultimately responsible for the the big decisions taken by the council.
  • Alice Lester, Head of Planning, and her colleagues in the Brent planning department who pulped the Alperton masterplan and ignored the many concerns raised by local people.
  • Peter Mahoney and Nicholas Francis of R55, the developers behind the brazen plan to build a 26-floor skyscraper in a low- and medium rise neighborhood.
  • Lidl, owners of the site, which allowed the land to lie derelict despite obtaining planning permission with an earlier proposal in 2014.
  • Alperton councillors (Cllrs Allie, Chohan and Patel) who failed to turn up to the critical planning committee meeting on 24 May where the tower proposals were waived through without much critical questioning.

It’s not clear that this story will have a happy ending.