Brent’s Tallest Tower is due to rise

According to a recent article in the Brent & Kilburn Times, work is due to start at the Minavil House site in central Alperton. Local residents and workers are interviewed and expressing their concerns about the controversial scheme put forward by developers R55. “People living and working near Minavil House questioned the area’s need for a 27-storey high-rise at a time when public services are stretched.”

Construction soon to begin on Brent’s tallest tower in Alperton [Link]

‘Immoral’ Housing Group Clarion to operate Minavil House

The Minavil site has been acquired by Clarion Housing Group for £109 million from R55. Clarion has been described as ‘immoral’ after residents on the Ranwell West estate in East London were presented with bills for repairs of up to £32,000 each by Clarion. A group of homeowners from the estate is taking legal action against Clarion to fight excessive bills and maintenance charges.

Angry residents hit by £2m bill for repairs by ‘immoral’ housing group [London Evening Standard]

Unbelievably, Clarion received £8m in grant funding for the controversial development from the Greater London Authority. Increasingly desperate to meet targets for so-called affordable housing, Mayor Sadiq Khan and his Deputy Mayor James Murray are apparently willing to hand over suitcases of taxpayers’ money to the developers. In previous years, Clarion has been repeatedly in the spotlight for outlandish pay levels for its executive team.

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