What about Air Quality?

In its 2017-2022 action plan, Brent Council acknowledged the impact of poor air quality on health and the need for action to reduce or eliminate air pollution. In previous years, Brent has consistently failed to meet national air quality targets for two key pollutants, Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter (PM10). It is estimated that 200 premature deaths occur in Brent each year due to poor air quality. The council officials have accepted that air quality in Brent is poor and recognise that significant intervention is required to improve local air quality for all.

There are no air quality monitoring stations located in central Alperton. The nearest monitoring station is at Hanger Lane gyratory, operated by Ealing Council. Real-time air quality data is published on the London Air website thanks to a research initiative by King’s College, London.

London Air – Brent Council air monitors (Link)

London Air – Ealing Council air monitors (Link)

In Alperton, there are two Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) diffusion tubes located along Ealing Road. The first (ID #7) is at the corner of Bridgewater Road and Ealing Road, and the second (ID #54) is at the corner of Ealing Road and Riverside Gardens.

Alperton NOx Diffusion Tubes
NOx diffusion tube locations in Alperton

Unfortunately, it appears Brent has not published any data from these diffusion tubes on the council website since 2016. It is absolutely critical for this emission data to be published on a regular basis.

Brent Council Air Quality website (Link)

What can I do at a personal level? Use “smarter travel”. This means cycling, walking or using public transport where it is more effective. London has many resources to help people use these smart methods of getting around. Using less-polluting transport is not just about being more environmentally responsible, it is often cheaper and faster too.

When upgrading to a new car, utilize low emission car technologies, including vehicles that run on hydrogen or electricity. Many of these are being trialled in London. Better still, don’t buy a car at all and join a local car club.

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