Alperton Volunteer Group cleans up the Canal

Littering and rubbish dumps are a common feature along the Grand Union Canal, unfortunately. Far too many locals and boaters are disposing of unwanted items, beer bottles and machinery along the towpath or in the canal waters.

A common sight in the Alperton “no drinking” zone.
Is this dumping of rubbish acceptable?

A local volunteer group has been formed to tackle the rubbish issue with support from the Canal and River Trust. The group meets at least once a month – typically on the first Sunday of the month. Equipped with litter pickers, gloves and bin bags the volunteers collect rubbish along a 600 meter stretch of the canal running through Alperton.

A volunteer is cleaning up the towpath.

The Alperton Canal Group welcomes additional volunteers. For more information on canal cleaning, please join the Facebook Group ‘243 Ealing Road Canal Group‘ or send an email message to AlpertonCanalGroup [at]

The environment department at Brent council can be reached via email to environment [at]

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