Alperton Councillor James Allie Replaced

Councillor James Allie, who represented the Alperton ward in the Borough of Brent, has resigned on 9 December 2019.

James Allie pic  James Allie (Labour)

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Mr Allie plundered the £1.6m estate of a dead women. As a solicitor, he was appointed executor of the woman’s estate, but stole funds for his own purposes.  Link: Labour councillor plundered… (Daily Mail)

Previously, James Allie had come under scrutiny over his role in a vintage wine business used to defraud investors. Templar Vintners Ltd attracted £100,000 from its victims, offering them the chance to buy wine while it was still in the barrel. James Allie was made company secretary in June, 2009.

The founder of the business was jailed for fraud. Despite his association with a fraudulent business, Mr Allie was allowed to continue in public office representing the Labour party in the council.

James Allie’s resignation creates a council vacancy. A by-election is planned for 23 January 2020 giving Alperton residents a chance to bring fresh blood into the council chamber.

Alperton councllr

Addendum: on 23 January 2020, Anton Georgiou (Liberal Democrats) swept to victory in the by-election with 1,699 votes defeating the Labour, Conservative and Green Party candidates.


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