Message from Peter Mahoney, R55

I am the CEO of R55 and much of what is published about us on your site or our intentions is wholly incorrect.

Whilst the residential elements of Minavil House have been sold to Clarion, the reason for this is that it has allowed us to deliver unprecedented levels of affordable housing which as a private developer we cannot do. Minavil House has 92% affordable housing, probably one of the highest levels in West London. R55 retains all of the commercial space except the Lidl store. We are proposing a triple height cafe with an open terrace which opens out onto the canal side with seating and landscaping pouring out onto the canal. The work space will provide approximately 30 small workspaces for local businesses with a particular focus on those in the creative arts. I have been involved with this project since it’s start and would be happy to discuss the plans with your group rather than you publish untruths or present our company in a bad way. The delivery of Minavil House and our other project the Rise has and will improve the quality of the neighbourhood and amenities on offer for the benefit of everybody.

Peter Mahoney, CEO of R55

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